The purpose of Team TGCV is to overcome this rare heart disease (TGCV) globally to create a brighter future

Triglyceride deposit cardiomyovasculopathy (TGCV) is a novel rare heart disease discovered in Japan. Many patients and their family members are isolated due to un-diagnosis and delayed diagnosis and lose opportunities to receive appropriate treatment globally. In addition, health personnel and researchers are also alone because no information and therapeutic experience could be shared. Team TGCV makes their best effort to disseminate information and raise awareness of TGCV and related disorders. In order to overcome these diseases globally,  we will promote Patient Public Involvement in the medical field,  widen the circle of Team TGCV hand in hand, so that no one is left behind, including patients with TGCV, those with neutral lipid storage diseases, and their families as well as health personnel.

TEAM EXPO 2025” Program/Co-Creation Challenge

“TEAM EXPO 2025” is a participatory program that challenge world exposition and future based on activities of various groups that team up with diverse people.